Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Man sues Winchester and Hinsdale police departments

By ALYSSA DANDREA Sentinel Staff

The alleged victim in a criminal threatening case against a Winchester police officer has filed a civil lawsuit against that town’s police department and law enforcement in Hinsdale.
Joshua Parda of Ashuelot is asking a Cheshire County Superior Court judge to grant him a restraining order against the two police departments. Parda maintains in court documents filed in February that local officers have stalked and threatened him and his family on 20 or more occasions in the past year.
Judge John C. Kissinger Jr. denied Parda immediate relief and scheduled a hearing on the matter for Wednesday in Keene.

Parda is the alleged victim in a pending criminal case against Winchester Police Officer Kevin Martel, 26, of Walpole. Martel was driving Aug. 21 on Main Street in Ashuelot when he pointed a loaded gun out of a vehicle window at Parda, as well as at potentially occupied homes, according to N.H. State Police.
Martel was on duty at the time, according to Hillsborough County prosecutor Michael G. Valentine. He faces felony counts of criminal threatening with a deadly weapon and reckless conduct with a deadly weapon in connection with that incident.

Martel was put on administrative leave with the Winchester Police Department following his arrest in October. He is no longer listed on the department’s online roster.

As the criminal case plays out in court, Parda is fighting for increased protection for himself and his family. He wrote in a statement to the court that the incident involving Martel is just one example of local officers abusing their power.

The town of Hinsdale has filed a motion to dismiss the case. Town attorney Justin L. Pasay of Portsmouth wrote that Parda failed to describe any action taken by a specific Hinsdale police officer or department employee that would justify a restraining order.

The town of Winchester has not yet responded to the lawsuit.


Anonymous said...

Where has everyone been lately? Do you think this is something new in Winchester?

This sort of thing has been going on for a long time around here. But as Phillips himself said" I don't get involved with my officer's procedure or investigations.

Is that not his job. When a police department will expend more time and money going after "paybacks" then investigating oh, say,..... something important like drugs, we would be better off.

Illegal search and seizure is commonplace under Phillips as is setting people up for crime they have not otherwise been involved in.

Take recently, for instance, where a Winchester man set up his own cousin with a needle. Has people blow in his breathalizer to get his vehicle running when he cant.

He wanted a ride home one night and his someone offered due to a serious family illness. just to get him gone. The vehicle was started ,but he wanted to drive. On the way, the passenger was cold and did not bring a sweater just so he could get going.

The intoxicated driver said, here Bud, take this one. He had stuck a needle in the pocket and handed the sweater over. Almost like clockwork, a The WPD pulled them over. The driver was going to run, but the passenger grabbed the wheel and got his foot on the brakes.

The cops were less interested in the driver then they were in searching the passenger for no reason what so ever. Not drinking, doing drugs, no Warrants, nothing. But hey, look what we found. Just like magic, we found a needle. With no test or proof whatsoever of drugs in the system, finger prints or Dna on the needle or sweater, said victim was "made an example of" according to Chris Wells, Attorney.

Judge Burke heard a similar case earlier in the week and the penalty was worlds apart. Needless to say, the drunk guy got off without Dui, or from previous charges of discharging a firearm directed at a neighbors residence and is a heavy heroin and coke user.
That's what set ups are for. Because this person had no paper work proving how he got out of all his charges, he finds it tough to find anyone in town to sell him drugs anymore. People are afraid he has more people to set up to fill his agreement.

When Phillips was warned by some one a while back about drugs being sold, his reply is "you go in and make a buy for us and then we will go in". otherwise, we don't have the time. Problem is, nobody is dumb enough to do it because Phillips is a liar and he would bust them too for making the buy.

To many people in Winchester knows to many things but Phillips is in his own world and that's why we have the drug problems and unsolved missing persons. He just don't listen. This Police department breaks more laws and civil rights to charge someone, then what they are being charged for. This is not uncommon "BOARD OF SELECTMEN" Yeah, you people.

If anybody had the BALLS, or did not fear retaliation, more of this would be out in the open. Then, maybe not because it is a source of revenue for Winchester. Pretty bad with the amount of drug dealers in town, and they are closer to the police than anyone else.

Winchesters problems "LIE" in it's leadership. It has always been a broken one horse town filled with alcoholic thieves and liars. Every generation of leaders are pulled from that gene pool, that's why Winchester is unique to the rest of the free world. 'You keep doing what you have always done, and you will keep getting what you always got." "If you do the same thing over and over expecting different results, you are crazy.

the Winchester Informer said...

I am uncomfortable allowing this comment and ask the poster to send us an email with names and dates and facts we can check; otherwise because you have mentioned specific names and not just a genetic title we will be forced to remove the post. I can understand your frustration with the current drug issues in Winchester and the seemingly unconcerned police dept and the unfairness of the Superior Court in Keene; but you leave us no choice

Anonymous said...


Read the court documents about what evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, or any doubt for that matter as to what kind of procedures determined the outcome. With a justice system like that, it is a violation of civil rights and should be investigated by an outside source. DON'T FORGET, ALL YOU READERS HERE ARE SUBJECT TO THE SAME INJUSTICES AS WHAT I OUTLINED AND ANY PERSON CAN BE ACCUSSED OF ANYTHING ANd THE SIZE OF YOU WALLET DETERMINES THE OUTCOME AND THAT IS FACT.
There was absolutely no attempt to prove a young mans innocence based on brown bagging case's that are unfair, untruthful, incomplete and outright harrassment.
If you are going to convict someone, at least prove the facts. This young man was thrown under the bus and that is tough to swallow, it hurts and it is not right. All the tools were available including the State Lab, and nothing was used to PROVE ONE'S INNOCENCE! What more can I say? OH, poor us, this don't happen to other people? Bull$hit, grow some and speak out about wrongdoings to yourself and loved ones. WHO CARES WHO KNOWS? THIS IS THE NEW AMERICA. LIVE WITH IT OR SPEAK UP, or we will continue to have Police protection by mentally insane people like the guy who hung a weapon out the window at a citezen. Cpos who lie and a system that refuses to see evidence is not good for anyone.