Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kinder Morgan suspends pipeline project

Company faced opposition to project in New York and in New Hampshire

 MANCHESTER, N.H. —Kinder Morgan has indefinitely suspended the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline project.

Kinder Morgan made the announcement late Wednesday afternoon. In a statement, the company blamed insufficient contractual commitments from companies that distribute natural gas in the region.
Kinder Morgan faced significant challenges and opposition to the project in New York and New Hampshire.
"I think it was a group effort, a wonderful collaboration between pipeline opponents and our local and state legislators and state senators, some of whom went to bat for us in promoting legislation," pipeline opponent Mary Ann Harper said.
U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., said she was glad to hear the news.
"I was the first statewide elected official to oppose the pipeline moving forward because of the many unanswered questions and concerns raised by New Hampshire residents who would have been affected by this project, so I am pleased by today's announcement," Ayotte said.
The pipeline would have cut through southern New Hampshire.



Breathing a sigh of relief said...

Congratulations to all who have worked so hard to make our voices heard in opposition to the pipeline! We need to maintain a presence, however, as this has only been "postponed" and not "canceled". Stay strong folks.

Anonymous said...

Mean while we keep on paying for higher and higher electric bills...DAH

a real dim bulb said...

I guess you don't understand English or perhaps you don't even bother to read anything before you post your narrow minded comments; but as has been stated in numerous accounts in the news media and in Kinder Morgan's own filings with the PUC, the public utilities commission in case you didn't get the acronym, they wanted to pass the costs of building this pipeline and all of the compressor stations on to us rate payers in our electric bills. So please, in your infinite wisdom explain to all of us who read and post here how we were going to have a lower bill with these added costs added on?

Alternative fuels for pipeline-loving fools said...

"A real dim bulb" - You're not the dim bulb here. Perhaps Anonymous at 4:56 wanted to switch ALL of the appliances (heating, cooling, lighting, and anything else requiring electricity) in his/her home to gas (via a generator), or maybe convert everything to solar power. That's the ONLY way that there would be a lower electricity bill if the pipeline were to be built.

Concerned said...

Remain a bit skeptical as I'd have preferred the word "definitely" had been used in stead of "indefinitely" in the postponement news of the pipeline project. We can hope.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is a "dim bulb", idiot", "stupid bastard" that do not agree with your agenda. I understand there were plans for a gas generator for Winchester creating cheap electricity, jobs and taxes for a tax strapped town. I KNOW YOU PEOPLE ARE UNABLE TO USE JOBS, TAXES ALL IN SAME SENTENCE! All you people know is cut and paste someone's ideas. You all get on the ban wagon of monkey see monkey do! If you people want to do something constructive while you pounding away on your computer in your mother's basement do something about the town's corruption at the town hall. No that is to hard, pipeline, pipeline it's the pipeline Dipsticks!

Tired of whiners who hide behind keyboard said...

The only idiot here is you. There were no plans or mention of any gas generator in Winchester, There were plans for a very noisy, polluting, compressor station in Winchester to help transport the gas along in the pipeline. No jobs, little land tax for the plot it was on. So where do you come up with all this pro pipeline crap you spout? You should have gone to the meetings at town hall and spoken with people in the know, listened to speakers who gave of their time to warn of the consequences of this project, not just those who would lose property or who lived in close proximity; but all of us being charged a surcharge on our electric bills because Eversource saw another way to be greedier than they already are. They're in bed with another gas project and we may still get screwed by them; but at laest for now we aren't paying for a project that has no benefit to anyone in NH. Wake up, stop being a moron, do some reading on your own and get educated. There are filing documents from Kinder Morgan posted on the FERC website. If you would like a link I'll provide it for you.
As for doing something about this town, why don't you d something besides call us all bastards and idiots? Why don't you go to meetings and discuss your issues instead of coming here to bitch at the people that you think are causing you problems ? If you don't like the people who were voted in, run for office yourself and make changes.

Anonymous said...

Your nothing but another one of those Winchester mental midgets who think of themselves having all the answers on the pipeline and everyone else is a knucklehead. All you know is cut and paste. I have been to many meeting all just to hear people like you flap your mouths without any common sense behind it. They were going to put a compressor down near Northfield, how in the hell will you hear that. I guess you could drive by just to bitch.

If you want to fight noise fight the racetracks, the ledge mining and gravel pits. I guess your to busy collecting your SSI, food stamps,fuel assistance. Get a job you will not have time to bitch how stupid other people are.

tired of your rants said...

Can't argue with stupid, they'll beat you every time with their ignorance ..

Kinder Morgan announced plans to build a high-pressure pipeline through our town in February of 2014. They filed a change to their preferred route on December 8. The pipeline now crosses through the southern part of town and includes a 41,000 horsepower compressor station just over the Northfield/Winchester border

That's 41 thousand horsepower. A constant whining noise that would have been heard for MILES. Then you have the scheduled EVERY DAY blow downs to relieve the built up condensation from the gasses going through the metal pipe. Go stand about a mile away with they do this, sometimes at night. You're an idiot if you don't think that this is troublesome.
As for you constant bitching about the racetracks, I know who you are now. Just because you couldn't get enough people to listen to your gripes and are mad at the world doesn't give you the right to bad mouth others, especially those less fortunate than the rest of us. WTF does receiving food stamps or other assistance have to do with this conversation. You are one bitter drunkard, why don't you just move away?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ April 22, 2016 at 7:36 PM

So all of us who attended meetings with Kinder Morgan's Representatives here and in Massachusetts and also attended meetings with speakers on health and other concerns are just cut and paste mental midgets in your eyes. So what does that make you? You come on here and constantly belittle everyone else's opinions and then attempt to change the subject to a discussion about issues with the town. I agree the town has lots of issues; but that's not what we're discussing here. As the poster above has said you sound very bitter and hateful. I don't know what made you that way or what your issue is with the town, the people posting here and this blog; but I wonder why you come on here and jump all over people you don't even know. I find you opinionated comments to be quite annoying and your attacks on people quite out of line. If you have issues with the racetracks and the gravel pit you evidently live in that area. Instead of posting on this blog and bad mouthing everyone, why don't you try to rally your neighbors and others that share your feelings and fight the noise you claim is disturbing you and the towns corruption you crow about? Perhaps you're the mental midget that doesn't know how or you're simply here to be disruptive and annoying.

Anonymous said...

The handwriting was on the wall. The WSJ published an article two weeks ago that Kinder Morgan had cancelled the pipeline through the state of Georgia. The bankers on Wall Street had a concern that the company was financially unstable and would not be able to generate the cash that they needed for the Georgia pipeline. They cancelled the Georgia line and oh my they had to cancel this project. Perhaps they will be able to do the projects later if they get enough investors. Someone needs to encourage KM to use the word definitely in their suspension for New England.
Think positively and perhaps they will go away. NIMBY!

don't let that swinging door hit you in the ... said...

They also just got kicked in the butt in NY as the DES flatly denied an application they had submitted for another pipeline

Mike said...
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