Monday, April 11, 2016

Winchester Pipeline Awareness .. Updated news

  Stephanie EarthDancer Scherr

To: Winchester residents,  an update on the proposed NED pipeline route.

"The route of the proposed pipeline has changed slightly and now is proposed to cross Rte. 78 in Winchester between the two "incineration" signs. The proposed pipeline is 30 inches in diameter and operates at 1,460 pounds per square inch. It the pipeline were to rupture, most likely the gas would be ignited and the explosion would incinerate anything within a 790 foot radius. One of the reasons that Kinder Morgan wants to run the pipe through rural areas is that the federal regulations allow the use of thin walled pipe in rural areas. The insane thing is that the federal regulations (written in the l990s before such high pressures were used in pipelines) allow houses within 50 feet of the pipeline.

obviously, many pipeline opponents, especially those near a pipeline advocate for thick wall piping in rural areas, which is opposed by kinder Morgan because it is more expensive. In New Hampshire a bill (HB l660) has become law that requires a gas line company to buy the entire lot if the landowner/homeowner so requests. A disturbing side note is that Kinder Morgan spends 50% less on pipeline maintenance than other pipeline companies; their share holders enjoy higher dividends while pipeline opponents point to their dismal safety record."

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