Sunday, October 7, 2012

Don’t use religion in politics

Don’t use religion in politics
At our last board meeting, Larry Hill gave me a friendly greeting of “hello” and then, an hour later, read a malicious letter requesting that I resign from the planning board. You stated that you had been reading from the Book of James and felt compelled to write to the board. My immediate thought was, perhaps you should read Matthew 5:39 — as I have for the past four years.
Wielding religion in a local government meeting shows a lack of understanding of our secular laws.
The current and past chairmen have ruled our board like dictators and you jumped right on board with this barbaric behavior. I am constantly amazed at how you and other board members are convinced that if you think it, it must be a fact.
All board members were elected because of their different professional backgrounds and experiences. We are not cookie cutter replicas of the individuals you seem to hold in the highest esteem (those who don’t believe in transparency, honesty or integrity).
My college professor has a clever saying that applies to the use of religion as a weapon, “You don’t win any points in heaven.”
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Looks like the editoe did some creative editing, swiching from the third person to the first and second. I can't believe Kim sent it in like that.