Thursday, October 18, 2012

Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes 10/03/12


Its Simple said...

I can understand why the Ambulance vehicles would need a $1,500.00 increase in the maintenance line, someone has to pay for the wear and tear when we put on miles like a trip to North Carolina. Its simple, mileage equals maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget all the free trips to Cheshire from both the motorcycle tracks on the weekend and backing up the speedway too. Lot's of free lunch in this town if you know the right people, right Sherm?

If fools could fly......... said...

Ken Smith told the budget committee last year, the ambulance does not belong to the Town of Winchester. Say What?

Why are the tax payers paying any money at all towards repairs for a vehicle we do not own. Why are the tax payers expected to fork over $85,000 for a dept that only has one purpose. ……To serve the citizens of Winchester in emergency situation 24/7.

…The insurance companies require the racetracks who shall have an ambulance on the grounds at all times when racing, to avoid stopping the race, they use Ken Smith’s ambulance aka; Town of Winchester Ambulance as a backup instead of hiring a second ambulance to transport when someone gets injured to keep race going. This saves the racetrack thousand not having to pay for a second ambulance. The Citizens of Winchester who pays the lions share of the cost for the ambulance takes a lower priority when they have an emergency and have to wait or call DiLuzio while plus having to pay additional cost. This has happened several times in the recent pass.

It seems the ambulance belongs to them when it comes to decisions where and when to use the ambulance, especially if it helps the cronyism in town or when it comes to the circle of friends you get “gold standard treatment“. They proclaimes the ambulance belonged to them not the town when they transported a family member in the circle of friends over 6 states, but when it comes to wanting more money for the operation of the ambulance now it belongs to the tax payers.

Nothing like having your cake and eat it too!

Be Prepared said...

In the near future the Ambulance Dept. will be looking for full time employment for some of there members. Its nice that people volunteer for things like this and I applaud them for it, but when it comes to an increase in taxes, especially in this recession, we might want to make a deal with Diluzio, seeing as how they show up for most of the calls anyway. Maybe some of our people would be able to work for Diluzio, if that is there life passion.

Anonymous said...

The selectmen cut the proposed Hwy budget on a bunch of line items, but in the end its around $50,000. more than last year. What kind of games are we playing here? Sounds like, ask for way more then you need, let the selectmen cut and if you are lucky no one looks at the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

The ambulance belongs to the Town of Winchester and any assertion otherwise is idiotic.

It is sad that selectmen over the years have allowed various town departments to run their own little sub governments any way they like.

Remember we actually had selectmen insisting that town managers had authority over them, no matter how many times they were proved to be absolutely wrong. But by promoting that viewpoint they were able to call the shots behind closed doors and people who were either too lazy to find out the truth, or didn't care, believed and supported them.

Anonymous said...

Look at the number of towns that use private ambulance firms to cover their needs. There must be something to it. Many towns only have a rescue squad within the fire depts and call outside when ambulance is needed. The attitude that the town depts have towards the taxpayers is creating a "fiscal wall" locally. It would be great if they went to work for a private ambulance firm.

Anonymous said...

You elected a new budget committee who support the clique in power. Pay your taxes and live with it and pay.

Anonymous said...

Tax Rate History
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Year Rate
Dollars Per Thousand Equalization
1980 27.50 95%
1981 33.10 90%
1982 34.30 86%
1983 34.30 90%
1984 38.21 74%
1985 32.95 77%
1986 40.01 58%
1987 41.96 50%
1988 48.50 39%
1989 43.50 39%
1990 55.50 39%
1991 54.66 50%
1992 59.53 53%
1993 58.29 53%
1994 28.71 98%
1995 30.65 101%
1996 33.23 99%
1997 31.46 98%
1999 28.31 99%
2000 30.80 96%
2001 38.88 98%
2002 36.18 91%
2003 35.67 100%
2004 23.94 87%
2005 22.10 100%
2006 23.76 91%
2007 27.40 91.9%
2008 28.27 91.9%
2009 26.94 100%
2010 25.93 100%
2011 30.03 95.8

it is your tax dollars


Basic Math said...

Let's keep in mind that the tax rates per thousand in property evaluations listed, are not accurate to compare against each other. A $30/1000 rate in 2011 is not the same as one twenty years ago , as there have been constant re-evaluations that have increased the values of your property. A property valued at 175,000 in 2011 might not have been valued at 45,000 in 1990. You figure the difference. The town hall is trying to show that the tax rate is not changing much. Nice try town hall. Go to the library and pour over the past town reports to see how the taxable propety values had increased on the existing structures. Spending has been increasing at a huge rate here, when the comparisons are equalized to yr/rate/total taxable property.