Sunday, October 7, 2012

Motion was loud, clear, but silence was deafening

Motion was loud, clear, but silence was deafening
What does an oath mean?
When I was elected to the Winchester Planning Board, I took an oath to serve the residents to the best of my ability. As did all others who serve on respective board. I’m finding it very difficult to work with a group who are of the same mind.
During the Winchester Planning Board meeting of Sept. 17, I asked two board members and one alternate to voluntarily resign due to their conduct such as concealing their involvement with parties who may have an interest in a matter before the board, unwarranted attacks on board members and a town employee assigned to the board, slanderous remarks and innuendos meant to belittle other board members, absolute slander and lies to discredit members who refuse to involve themselves in their agenda to control the town.
I am told by credible sources that their conduct on other boards and committees is consistent with their conduct on the planning board. The conduct of one member, who is on the budget committee, resulted in a suit by the town against the committee to approve funding for operating capital, the town won and the budget committee lost.
The real losers were the residents of Winchester who will find the cost of both attorneys ($10,000) added to their tax bills.
This type of bullying for personal gain or agenda must stop. What industrial or commercial developer would want to consider Winchester when the town turmoil is revealed? How much more would Winchester have benefited had these energies been devoted to striving together for the goal of growing Winchester in a productive and tax reducing manner? How much damage has been done? Who knows how many tax yielding projects have we lost due to our conduct?
When I asked for the voluntary resignations of Jennifer Bellan, Kim Gordon and Brian Moser, I posed the request as a motion if another member wished to register a second. The silence was deafening. What does an oath mean?
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Mike Towne said...

You are a big hypocrite Larry, I know first hand just how dedicated you are to the citizens of Winchester and what you are trying to do now. Using your position as a Deacon of the Church in an attempt to sway judgement against others is despicable and you should be ashamed of yourself. It's obvious to everyone but you how twisted you are in passing judgement against those who don't go along with you and who stand up for what's right and ALL of the citizens of Winchester, not just the privileged few who have you and others in their back pockets. That your ridiculous and personal motion did not get seconded should have resounded in your tiny little head that you were and still are way out of line and are the one that needs to step down. Yes, we residents are the real losers in all this backroom dealing and bickering and that the real reasons for your actions are just a continuance of the Margaret Sharra witch hunt of a few months ago. You're like a bad joke Larry, you keep picking at scabs hoping you'll make someone bleed to suit your own agendas.
Do us all a favor, turn in your resignation and go find something else to do besides writing spiteful innuendos to the newspaper and making a fool of yourself at meetings taking up the valuable time of other members and the public. If anyone is a distraction, it's you.

Anonymous said...

Talk about throwing Dean, Gus & Mike under the bus! When is Larry going to get the fact that he is the one causing all of the animosity?

Anonymous said...

Sure hope he didn't promise someone a guven outcome. He seems overly freaked out over one issue. Someyimes people get testy if the goods aren't delivered. Nah.couln't be that.

Anonymous said...

October 8, 2012 11:37 AM

This isn't about one issue, This is about a town going under with a high tax rate and not enough single family homes and business's to help offset that, this is about a planning board member very obviously using her position to help a friend keep competition away at "our" the taxpayer expense. its about the future business's we need to come to town, after reading all this about our planning board do you think they will make the effort and expense to come to Winchester?
I wouldnt!

Anonymous said...

You need to come out of your fantasy world and stop blaming Gordon for everything wrong with this town. These same few people have been in power for over 10 years and have run this town into the ground with their backroom deals and selfish what's in it for me attitudes. Anyone who goes against them or rubs them the wrong way gets ostracized for trying to do what's right. It's people like you who idolize these self serving bums we have on these town boards that are our main problem. You continue to vote them into office year after year and that is why this town has become what it is today .. nothing. Don't blame Gordon for trying to get people to see just how crooked these boards and our town has become. Hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted in lawsuit after lawsuit and it's always the same group of people at the cause of it all. Wake up and point your finger at the real culprits and stop acting like you have a clue as to what has been going on.

John said...

This is just more Ed Lake and his mother's crap rambling on about Kim Gordon. We all know how they feel about her for helping his wife get away from a drunk and wife beater and how his mother hates her for voting to have his freeloader position removed from the library so now she has to take care of him again. Wish the Informers would just ban them from here so we can have decent discussions.

Just wondering said...

Im no fan or foe of Ed lake and Ive had my own differance of opinion with him many times. But what does he have to do with whats going on with our Planning Board?
I cant see where he has anything to do with the newspaper reports or the minutes we have been reading.

Anonymous said...

I am curious and want to know when Larry is resigning. He seems to think that everyone else is the problem when he is following Margaret's orders. Is it next week?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said on......
October 8, 2012 7:11 PM

It's people like you who idolize these self serving bums we have on these town boards that are our main problem. You continue to vote them into office year after year and that is why this town has become what it is today .. nothing.

Very True!
Here is the problem as I see it.
People vote on name recognition in Winchester. There is no vetting process, no debates, no nothing.
Name recognition in Winchester is deceiving at best. You own a business. That indicates you have your own agenda.
Your a thug. No names here, but he's no fighter. Your a cop. This is the most insane of all. The people who vote cops into public office live in glass houses or should reside in padded rooms. Too the rest of us, this town has the most disrespectful, unfriendly police in any town I have ever been. That stems from their leadership and his policies. Most on this Blog claim they are over the top corrupt, but we have two former Winchester police in office. That is insanity.
You want name recognition? Why not just elect (appoint) Phillips, Roberts and the skinny cop with a real bad anger problem? Now you have combined all you corruption complaints in to one tidy little area so you know where they are. At the Police station or town hall.
This is the type of logic that this town is based on. If you know any of these officers, former or current, at a citizen level, they all have done many wrong. Vote the rest of them in and get it over with. There is your name recognition at work for you at it's best.

Anonymous said...

Winchester informer....
Set up a bar graph style poll and add names of potential future candidates for select board office and see how the voters react.
Some names to start with might include:
1) John Hahn: Rich, but down to earth type guy. Smart and well grounded.

2) John Hadley: Local business, yes, but not a Plifka type enterprise. an independent Trucker.

3) Jim Tetreau: Down in the Tax and Registration offices in the town hall.
Seems smart, easy going and thinks before he speaks. Not much of that in public office.

4) Steven Aivaliotis: Stellar career at Aubuchons Hardware. Smart, all around nice guy. Drawback, he is a tenant of Plifka and his career is not worth the conflict. TOO bad though, our loss.

5) No one else comes to mind, but add as many reasonable candidates to the poll as suggestions come in. Weed out the weasels and narrow down the list to some legitimate candidates this time. Ten or Twelve people throwing their hat in and that's our choice is more of the same. A poll is a good way of discouraging potential idiots from being our choices. Send a clear message to who is viable and those who should just go away. Only a thought, but better then walking off the same cliff election after election....

We have his number said...

To Just Wondering - have you visited his "positive news" blog site? If you do, you won't be wondering much longer. He & his mother have nothing better to do!