Monday, October 15, 2012

Tensions in Winchester

Tensions in Winchester

Regarding Larry Hill’s letter (Sentinel, Oct. 7):

Ever notice how people accuse others of what they themselves are doing? A smart person told me it’s a tool used to control what people believe and it’s called “projection.”

With his nasty attacks on others in Winchester, Larry Hill is projecting.

Just who is disrupting the work of the planning board and demanding that people resign? Who is hurting the reputation of Winchester? Who has the agenda? Who is doing the slandering? Who wants to change the rules so he can have his own way? Who is encouraging another law suit? Who is attacking just two of the four people who voted in a way he didn’t like?

What’s really, really funny about his tirades is that he abstained from voting.

Why did he abstain? Does that serve his “oath,” the board or the town? Was he trying to serve two masters and escape accountability? Can he claim the moral high ground in objecting to anyone’s vote when he didn’t vote at all?

His vote could have wiped out the one he calls biased. If he’s afraid to vote, or playing sneaky games, he should resign.

Hill screams bias (fueling a court challenge) because one member has a friend whose husband is an interested party. Friendships aren’t bias or conflict of interest. If they were, no one could ever vote in a board in a small town where everybody knows everybody.

If he really opposes conflicts of interest maybe he should support a conflict of interest ordinance.

Year after year voters put in a petitioned article to define conflicts of interest, but the good ol’ boys network makes sure it’s wiped out at deliberative sessions. They don’t even suggest changes. They just torpedo the whole thing.

Hill lied about the budget committee losing in court, too.

The selectmen’s attorney picked the budget committee’s attorney. He went along with the new committee and caved in to the selectmen.
The original budget committee, me included, never had a chance to defend itself.

The selectmen didn’t win a legal case. They acted like dictators to rig a deal outside of court, without any testimony or defense.

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Anonymous said...

Right on, Bob!

Culpability said...

Projection or projectile? Larry's antics make me want to do the latter. His letters demonstrate where all of the hostility resides and it's with his inability to comprehend how his actions will only create a snowball affect. Did anyone ever teach you what was required to get along with others? Being a bully (which is exactly what you are doing) is not the way!

Who's On First said...

After all the publicity, and we find out that Hill didn't even vote on the issue??? What was the purpose of his being on the planning board???

Anonymous said...

kickbacks of course, why else?

Anonymous said...

The planning board always played it selves as being slick as a cat meow. The go to guys to get shady project approved. Special perks if your in the circle of friends or want to become a member of the circle of friends. Now comes 4 stand-up members who are challenging their past behavior for the benefit of the town and they do not like it. How do you like us now, Larry and Margaret.

Anonymous said...

Let him know how you feel,,

Anonymous said...

Larry wasn't at the Planning Board meeting this week.