Thursday, August 13, 2015

Senator, make pipeline stance known, by John Macdonald

Sen. Kelly Ayotte needs to make up her mind and oppose the Kinder Morgan gas pipeline planned for Winchester, Richmond and Fitzwilliam.

This 150-foot-wide swath of clear-cut and bulldozed destruction threatens not only important natural resources, streams and aquifers but also people's homes, including my own. Even if one does not want the pipeline, Kinder Morgan is seeking the power of eminent domain.

Sen. Ayotte will not even let her constituents know if she supports or opposes this project. Not unlike Hilary Clinton, who engendered criticism by Republicans and Democrats alike by refusing to announce her position on the Keystone pipeline. Yet Ayotte seems to be able to successfully avoid stating her position. A senior Ayotte staff member explained away the duck by saying she "does not have a real say on the process because it is a regulatory commission" that makes the decision (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) so the senator has no opinion.

This answer is both misleading and disingenuous and almost a recognition of political weakness. However independent, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission was created by Congress, is funded by Congress, committee members are confirmed by the Senate and the commission is under both House and Senate oversight. And one may submit comments to the commission.

Is the new standard for the senator that she will only express opinions on bills she will be voting on and nothing else?

Regardless who makes the final decision, Sen. Ayotte has every right and responsibility to make her position known. It is also difficult to accept that a United States Senator has no influence over major projects in their home state.

Sen. Ayotte, you cannot begin to understand my disappointment in you. It's not every day you can help make a 60-year-old disabled man homeless.

John Macdonald
56 Scott Mountain Road



bought and payed for Ayotte said...

Sen. Ayotte is one of the best double talkers in the business and one of the biggest reasons that after 50+ years I have changed political parties. She is owned by big business and the super rich so she cant help you block the pipeline.

Low voter information keep this people in power said...

Don't forget she is joined at the hips with John McShame. Mcshame has his pile of money from the VA now trying getting yours. HUH!

Another desenter said...

Ayotte's signing the letter to Iran and making the USA look stupid, was the last straw for me.


She has made up her mind. She has "no position" which is a position. She is pro-pipeline and without a serious PUSH from ALL OF US, we will have a pipeline blasted through out beautiful scenic towns.

Have you DENIED SURVEY ACCESS to your property? Do you know how or why to do it? Do you have questions about the pipeline? We can and will help! We are willing to hold an information session about scoping and how to prepare for it. Will you join us?


Winchester NH Gas Pipeline Awareness
Stop The NH Pipeline: Fitz/Troy/Rich/Win