Saturday, August 22, 2015

Where are our senators in pipeline battle?

A mother’s plea to Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte:
Sen. Shaheen and Sen. Ayotte, you are well aware that the Kinder Morgan gas pipeline route through Richmond was recently moved from nearby woods to a route right through six homes, including my own. I cannot understand how both of you can be aware of a mother’s fear for her children and still ignore us. I just can’t believe that you apparently have chosen not to help.
Sen. Shaheen and Sen. Ayotte, what we and our neighbors are asking of you is quite simple and should be very easy to accomplish. Simply have the pipeline route returned to where Kinder Morgan originally wanted it and away from our homes. Yet we hear nothing from you offering to intercede on our behalf.
The pipeline is going through our yard because a group of Connecticut millionaire investors were able to exert influence over the process and have the pipeline route changed from their heavily cut woodland “posted against any public use” to a route through our houses. The Connecticut group represented its land as public access recreation land that needed protection, which is absolutely untrue. Are you supporting them?
Our two children found an idyllic hilltop wonderland of grand pines, hemlocks and streams providing countless opportunities for playful adventure. For us we found the perfect home, private, safe and surrounded by the woods we love and, most importantly, safety for our children. It would be the home our children would grow up in.
Today that is all at risk of being destroyed by the Kinder Morgan gas pipeline proposed to go through our yard within feet of our home. There will be a 150-foot-wide path of destruction, the gas pipeline itself and we will be located in what Kinder Morgan calls an “incendiary zone.”
Not only will we be surrounded by heavy construction, blasting and clear-cutting, once that nightmare has passed we will have a dangerous pipeline carrying volatile gas right by our home. Kinder Morgan’s safety record for the pipelines it owns across the country is abysmal. Yet I am supposed to raise my family in this environment. This is every parent’s worst fear, you must realize this.
In addition, the new route goes through land that is open to the public and is used for a wide range of activities and is an extremely fragile ecosystem supporting endangered species, wetlands, streams and springs feeding our wells.
Like most people, we have a mortgage and our home is our biggest investment. When we bought this house and took on the extra expense required to live here, we had no regrets. This was primarily a decision made for our children.
Never could we have imagined being part of this nightmare. Yes, our house may survive this destructive construction process but the wonderland our children discovered and have reveled in every single day since we came to live here and our sense of safety will be destroyed forever.
Today our house is unsellable because of the potential pipeline route and its value will be drastically reduced if the pipeline does go through. Like our neighbors, we are not able to pack up and walk away from our home. If our homes even survive.
It seems sometimes political leaders become insulated or removed from the regular people and families they represent. Yes, I understand the Iran nuclear negotiations are important but so are my children and my neighbors’ grandchildren and the disabled man two doors away and we are in need of your help. We may not be as glamorous as international negotiations but Sen. Shaheen and Sen. Ayotte, we also matter.

38 Scott Mountain Road


Anonymous said...

This pipeline is not about families, or homesteads or children or wildlife, nature or preserving our futures; it's all about the money a greedy out of state business and it's investors will make selling gas to overseas investors who will make more money.

As for our elected officials, both state and federal, they have been bought and payed for by lobbyists for this company. Don't expect any help from them. How else to explain how a business with an absolute dismal safety record that has caused human deaths and has had many fiery explosions and numerous gas leaks in neighborhoods across the country, that has destroyed lives and property values and the futures of thousands of children, remains in business? Big business runs this country, we are all but pawns in it's wake.

Anonymous said...

Send an E-Mail to anyone one of them, especially Kelly Ayotte, and you get a very nice reply that has nothing to do with the point of your concern.

Someone thankful said...

Don't know about Kelly Ayotte, but after all she is a Republican from the party of nothing gets done; but I can speak from experience that Jean Shaheens office ( Pam Slack ) and Annie Kuster's office were both very helpful to me with issues I was having and I would recommend people call or write to either or both if you have issues you want to discuss with and get help from them.

No Pipline said...

Good point, if the Republican party was as worried about the American people as they are about protecting there jobs and the party, Donald Trump would not even be in the race. Kelly Ayotte is in lock step, and I hope it comes back to bite her in the next election. As a life long Republican it makes me sick to see this country suffer because of the way politics runs now days. In my opinion, some of our select board would fit right in.