Saturday, August 22, 2015

Stop NH The Pipeline Newsletter




We are at a critical time (always!) and we need a lot more volunteers.

• Do you belong to a House of Worship in New Hampshire? We need your help!
• Can you reach out to Senior Citizens and others who may not be able to attend FERC meetings?
• Can you attend a weekly rally/vigil in Fitzwilliam, Winchester, Northfield, or another town? Just bring a sign, smile & wave to raise awareness! We’ll give you information to share with anyone who stops to ask questions. 
• We are without funding and pay for all our own gas, copies and supplies. We always need others to make or pay for:
- Copies of flyers, maps, photographs, banners…
- Gas cards - we drive a lot!
- Contacting businesses - will they put out a No Pipeline sign and allow for information at their client counter?

FITZWILLIAM HOMES, RESTAURANTS, FARMS, BARNS & BUSINESSES WANTED to participate in an exciting hands-on fund raising event! 

• Fitzwilliam venues for open houses.
• Volunteers from all local towns!
• Snacks & treats!
• Musicians & Poets! (Have a special talent to share? We want to know about it!)
• Unique New England experiences!

Contact Stephanie for more details! You won’t want to miss being a part of this unique event!



Wednesday, August 26thEvery Wednesday night beginning at 4:30!
Winchester Pipeline Vigil (corner of Routes 119 & 10) & Fitzwilliam Pipeline Vigil (corner of Routes 119 & 12) 

Thursday, August 27th - Every Thursday night beginning at 4:30!
Northfield Pipeline Vigil (On Gulf Road, Northfield Mountain)

Saturday, August 29th, 10:00 am
March & Rally from Ashuelot River Park to Central Square in Keene! Meet in the park’s parking lot.

Motorcycle Ride leaving from 3 NH locations to Winter's Summer Home Farm​ in New Ipswich for Country BBQ & Live Music Fest  NH Spirit Pipeline shirts included in ride or sold separately. 

The Country BBQ & Music Fest at the Farm is open to all!  More information at

Sunday, August 30th
7:00 pmTom Rush in Concert at the Amato Center in Milford! Tickets still available!

   Twitter: ECHOactionteam

   Community Liaison, Outreach, Communications
   Twitter: StopTheNHPipe


Anonymous said...

How about doing something more constructive and in·tel·lec·tu·aly with your energy. You know adj ….relating to thought process: relating to or involving the mental processes of abstract thinking and reasoning rather than the emotions . Take this energy and have a vigil for the high taxes in the so call town. Look in the Keene Sentinel we have three more forecloses this week. Your the go called smart people or are you.....

sick of foolish commenters said...

What are you some kind of an idiot? What kind of a comment is that on a posting about upcoming events regarding the fight against an unnecessary, destructive pipeline that no one wants and that benefits only the investors and owners of this out of state company.
You want to raise awareness about high taxes in your town, start your own topic or better yet go to a selectmen's meeting and bitch you numskull

numskull said...

Who said the pipeline is destructive that no one wants and benefits only owner. I happen to want it and I am going to start tearing down you ugly signs.

get a life said...

Another village idiot hiding behind a keyboard that hasn't the ability to read and understand the ramifications of this project on the people of New Hampshire or even spell properly. Destruction of other people's property is a crime you foolish moron, and if you are caught you will be prosecuted.

numskull said...

Oh! Kind of sensitive there libtard. If you want to be hand cuffed to the oil companies go ahead. Who's money do you think is behind all this...oil companies. Go ahead and support importing oil from the Arabs who hate our guts. How do you think the super tanks are powered. OIL! We have plenty of resources right here in United States and you the libtards do not want to use them. They are going to dig where no one of any importance lives. Including Rich Horton! Go ahead spend your time and energy on such a triviality no win situation. Your going to lose.