Monday, August 17, 2015



Two survey vans with 6-8 people was spotted just in Winchester just over the line from Richmond (could be for either town or both) at 8:20 this morning. 

• Be on alert. 
• If you haven’t denied access yet, you can deny access verbally.
• If you’ve previously allowed access, you can deny access verbally now.
• If you need help denying access, please contact me ASAP.

Remember, denying survey access is something WE CAN ALL DO regardless of our status along the pipeline route. It sends a message to FERC that we are opposed to the pipeline and it protects the rest of us if the route shifts, which it recently has in both Winchester and Richmond.

If you see surveyors on your land and they don’t leave, you should call the police, file a report, and REPORT IT TO FERC!

If you see surveyors on your neighbor’s land, you can call the police and report it to your neighbor.

QUESTIONS? We have answers!  

FOR NEW MEMBERS OF THIS LIST, I have attached a document about speaking with surveyors.

   Community Liaison, Outreach, Communications
   Twitter: StopTheNHPipe

When you see someone surveying in your area, there are some key questions you can
ask. Remember, these are people doing a job. They should know that they are going into
a location with a controversial project, hence all the anti-pipeline signs. Don’t panic. Talk.
Ask questions. Try to obtain information.! !
Safety first: If you are alone, feel unsafe or feel that they are in violation of privacy, trespass or
safety, call your local police department. It’s good to have that number in or near your phone.! !
My Local Police Department: ( ______ ) ________ - ________! !
Surveyor: A licensed engineer who stakes out property boundaries to create a drawing
showing the location, fence lines and other information about a property and its proximity to
other land, easements, utilities and public rights of way.! !
1. “Hi. Are you doing survey work here?”!
2. “What company do you work for? Do you have a business card with your your name and
company’s contact information?”!
3. “What state are you from? Do you have a license to work in this state?”!
4. “Are you surveying for a homeowner, business, or a specific project?”!
5. “What project are you working on?”!
6. “What property are you surveying?”!
7. “How long are you/your company expected to be working in the area?”!
8. If appropriate, “Have you been informed that I have (my neighbor has) denied access to my
(their) property and have no trespassing signs posted?”!
9. Keep copies of your Deny Access paperwork near your door. Bring it with you when you
speak to surveyors or other contractors.!
10. You can call the company and ask if they have background checks done on their
employees. Such checks can be required by towns or states in reference to a project.!
11. Remain calm. Take Photos. Call the police if necessary. Report any illegal or inappropriate
actions, bullying, threatening to the police and to FERC. • STOP THE NH PIPELINE • Facebook: StopTheNHPipeline

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