Monday, August 24, 2015


They seem to think they can go any place they want ..


What we recommend:
- Call the police.
- Make sure a police report is written and you get a copy.
- File the police report with FERC. E-File or mail - need help? Let us know!

This legally documents the action and keeps local law enforcement aware of what is going on in the community. This may also help to put pressure on KM contractors to stay put where they belong.



numskull said...

There is a gentleman in Richmond that will get a huge windfall from the gas line crossing his property. So what your doing is spreading lies and mistruths.

Anonymous said...

Must be they have to pay for the right of way! The line must not be located in an existing right of way. You and I both know that people will pay whatever the market will bear to get what they want. If he is getting that much money he can fold his tent and leave.
Numskull no one is spreading lies and mistruths as most of us will see a property devaluation. Suck it up and listen to the other side.

numskull said...

Which devaluation? ( like as in your property you worked so hard for is now worth less value or less money value) like devaluation in allowing junk yards on prime development lands , or the gravel pits where Gus Ruth stole Qualters land to profit Ruth and his friend who happens to be an outside developer or devaluation as in Sharra allowing the ledge mining down the road or as in Sharra’s allowing special deals to her friends to develop racetracks in our wet lands, or Sharra’s controlling the planning board letting racetracks mud bug racing to expand then race half the night, or is it devaluation of our tax dollars when Margaret Sharra was paid 10’s thousand and thousand of dollars in wages to study and attract new industrial, commercial tax base to the town, where Sharra and her family instead tried to change the rules to profit themselves. Let me ask you. Does the town have a bigger problem then running a buried gas pipe line in the woods far from town, far from view or the trash business in view that any normal town with normal people would except?