Saturday, December 12, 2015

An open letter to: Representative Henry Parkhurst

An open letter to:
Representative Henry Parkhurst
One Parkhurst Place
Winchester, NH  03470-2460

Representative Parkhurst
I called you from the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline opposition rally at the State House in Concord on Friday to ask why you were not present.  By my reckoning, Winchester was the only affected town whose state representative was not there to speak out against the pipeline.
I recall your excuse was not having knowledge of the rally.
I asked you to oppose the pipeline on our behalf. To the best of my recollection you said, basically, that you had done a great deal of research on the project and did not make a statement in opposition because you did not want to be making a fool of yourself.
I should think you'd be more worried over making a fool of yourself by being silent for this long on an issue that will so negatively affect your constituency.
Are you aware that last March Winchester citizens voted in favor of three warrant articles that were in opposition to the pipeline?
Did you know the Winchester Select Board voted on September 30, 2015 to join the New Hampshire Municipal Pipeline Coalition (NHMPC) in order to stand together against the pipeline with other affected towns?
Have you read the studies done in Minisink, New York, or the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) comment of Drs. Martin, Nordgard and Potee; which detail health effects of living near a compressor station such as the one which will be built just upwind of us in Northfield, Massachusetts?
Did you know Kinder Morgan falls far short of promised tax revenues when actual payments are due? You can check with the Chair of the Winchester Select Board for confirmation on that point, as she has personally done the research.
I write on behalf of the concerned citizens of Winchester who are members of Winchester Pipeline Awareness. We ask you to step forward to represent our interests in Concord.
Susan L Durling
Scotland Road


Poor Henry said...

Poor Henry is a disaster in Concord, but he makes a d--- good MR. Pickle. If you are counting on our towns highest vote getter you are wasting your time.

SL Durling said...

I found out after the letter was written that the New Ipswich group had called every state rep to let them know about the rally. Mr. Parkhurst WAS made aware of the rally.
I am afraid you are correct, PH, if I am counting on MR Parkhurst to stand up for Winchester, I may be wasting my time.
If you mean that he cannot be voted out of office, that's different.
He's a nice guy, friendly, great name recognition, and nobody has successfully run against him since he was elected in 2002.
Let him be MR Picklefest, just not our state rep.
Winchester deserves better!

Just a thought... said...

Hmm... maybe have a new official position in town: Mr. Pickle. Henry could run for that office and do quite well at it. That would open the position of representative for someone who actually cares what the constituents say and will honor the public trust which the position entails.