Saturday, December 19, 2015

Governor didn't have her own state's back

While the world met and marched in Paris for a clean energy future, New Hampshire, a state known for its scenic beauty, country living and outdoor lifestyle, was denied climate safeguards. Despite facts piled before Gov. Maggie Hassan by state representatives, town officials, health and environmental professionals, she remains unmoved. Given weeks of notice, last Friday she refused to address hundreds of activists and elected officials who marched against the NED pipeline and for climate action in Concord.
The world is saying no to fossil fuels, solar is booming in New Hampshire, but our governor says yes to filthy, outdated energy? This Senate-seat-seeking woman on a mission has her career at center stage, not our needs.
With little to no budget, pipeline opponents are rising up globally, speaking out, empowering their neighbors with information. Pipeline-pushing frackers are systematically poisoning our air, drinking water, soil, farms, wildlife and citizens in crimes against humanity.
Up against limitless resources from companies like Kinder Morgan, which flood the airwaves with propaganda, the message remains strong. We must move away from fossil fuels. The tipping point is at hand. We must act now.
Amongst all of the chaos, one leader’s message stands strong. U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate to speak without fear, without answering to questionable campaign backers, saying, “If you believe climate change is the most serious threat facing our planet, it’s easy to oppose the NED pipeline” and ban fracking.
At mid-December in a snow-free New Hampshire, the proof is right outside our windows.
Leadership on climate, jobs, families and health is essential to the future of humanity. Move forward, New Hampshire. The time is now.

Stephanie A. Scherr
Founder, ECHO Action!


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