Saturday, December 19, 2015

KFD responding to multiple reports of gas leaks in Keene

By Mel Proulx Sentinel Staff
Dozens of potential gas leak are being reported throughout the city on Saturday, including at many downtown businesses and those in the Monadnock Marketplace. About a handful of businesses have been evacuated -- such as the Hallmark on Main Street, Monadnock Food Co-op on Cypress Street and Price Chopper in the Marketplace.
"We are currently working with several agencies and are identifying and correcting the problem," according to a statement from the Keene Fire Department.
Keene Fire Chief Mark F. Howard is currently on scene and unavailable for comment.
Anyone who smells natural gas in their home or dwelling is asked to shut off the gas, evacuate the building and call the Fire Department.
Updates will be made to this as information becomes available.

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It's not just the gas that stinks said...

Nice safe gas line infrastructure we have there. And they want to bring more into the area? No thanks.