Saturday, December 12, 2015

We need to stop the pipeline in New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders for President

Add your name if you agree that we cannot move forward with the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline if we’re serious about fighting climate change

When I visited New Hampshire for the annual Democratic Party dinner, I made a choice to be the first presidential candidate to oppose the Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline. I took this position because as I've said many, many times: climate change is an unprecedented planetary emergency. Fracking natural gas and sending it across the Northeast does nothing to prevent climate change. If anything, it hastens the onset of more climate disasters.
We can take one simple, basic step right now that helps us to get on the path to 100 percent renewable energy: keep fossil fuels in the ground. Here in New Hampshire, that means standing up to Kinder Morgan and their plan to send fracked gas across the northeast and through the Granite State.
I need you to join me in opposing the pipeline. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is closing out its comment period on January 6th, and we want regulators to know people are opposed. We want our movement's commitment to keeping it the ground on the record--no Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline.
I've said this many times: I can't accomplish big victories like stopping the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline on my own. I need you to be involved and work together with all of us to demand a fossil fuel free future. That's why we are building a strong team in New Hampshire: knocking doors, making phone calls, and holding meetings.
We're going to stay focused on winning the New Hampshire primary. And, we're going to stay focused on the issues that matter, too. I'm proud to be running for President to win both the campaign and advocate for real issues in the process. But, we only win when you are involved and active.
Together, we can stop the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline, and help bring us closer to a clean energy economy.
In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders


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Anonymous said...

Now your showing your real colors siding with a socialist weirdo. He is a F'n looser.

the Winchester Informer said...

You may not like his politics or the fact he thinks and is willing to say, that this pipeline is not good for ALL citizens of NH, but to call him a loser shows your ignorance of someone who has done much good for the state of VT and is now trying to help the people of NH .. What have you done lately?

Some people will never get it said...

Todays sentinel had an article on how middle class Americans are not the dominate class anymore. The rich get richer and the poor get bigger numbers because the jobs that are left don't pay a living wage. Like Bernie said, the trade deals are killing us and if it takes a democratic socialist to stop the madness I'm voting for him. Bet the above poster isn't going to give up his or her SS, and that's a socialist program, just like the schools and the VA hospitals.

Anonymous said...

I can see how you would like Bernie, free college for all, food stamps for all, SSI half your life, fuel assistance. Yes I am ignorant, I WOR!

GO BERNIE said...

I work 2 jobs, and maybe I wouldn't have too if the super rich and wall st weren't sticking it too us.

dificault times said...

We send Billions of dollars to other country's,3 billion to Israel where everyone has free healthcare and education, so maybe Bernie knows what he's talking about. Makes no scene to me, to give away that kind of money when we don't have the same opportunities to thrive. Don't forget all the bad trade deals that lost us most of those middle class jobs. Bernie said he will renegotiate these job killing deals. Maybe we can scrap SS and the VA benefits, along with free elem. and high school, and block off the interstate hwy's so the people that don't like any kind of socialism will be happy.