Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Beware pipeline propaganda

This afternoon I saw a message from a guy in Milford who wanted to let pipeline opponents know that if they respect “free speech” they shouldn’t remove the “Build the Pipeline” signs he is putting up or he will start taking down every “No Pipeline” sign he sees. Everyone should know that signs have monetary value and should not be removed unless you are the code enforcement officer or a property owner who doesn’t want the sign on your property. If someone posts a sign or removes a sign from your property without your permission, you should take a picture and report it to the police.
I suspect that this guy is a LiUNA union member who is being pressured to put out these signs.
To me, there is a big difference between the “No Pipeline” signs that people buy with their own money and the signs being provided by the pipeline and utility companies. Rather than free speech, these signs promoting the pipelines are more like advertisements for a corporation. The pipeline opposition relies on fundraisers to hire one attorney to defend us against an army of Kinder Morgan and utility lawyers. We buy our own signs and T-shirts. Kinder Morgan and their front group, the Coalition to Lower Energy Costs, spend millions of dollars on television, radio and print advertising. Posting these signs in an effort to fake grassroots support shows just how desperate they are.
I guess it isn’t enough that they successfully managed to remove the Office of Consumer Advocate litigator, attorney Susan Chamberlin, who looked out for ratepayer interests and agreed with us on the pipeline projects?
Don’t let them paint themselves as martyrs.  
Please leave the “Build the Pipeline” signs alone.

Patricia Martin



Anonymous said...

I say horse$hit "on they buy their own sign". We all know the signs are bought and paid for by the oil companies!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't you face the idea that some DO NOT share your opinion?

Anonymous said...

Beware the anti pipeline propaganda!! I don't live near its path and I am all for it.

the Winchester Informer said...

It's obvious that person above posted both comments, one right after the other, so perhaps you would care to explain why you are all for this pipeline project?
Are you someone trolling this blog for Kinder Morgan or someone who thinks they are going to benefit from the line being built at the expense of his neighbors and others in surrounding towns?
I for one would like to know why you feel that an out of state business, or any business for that matter, has the right to come to NH, ruin people's way of life, take their land, expose them and their children to numerous KNOWN and DOCUMENTED health hazards and profit from it. Not to mention the detrimental effect it would have on wildlife and the scenic beauty of the area. Remember, tourism is a big money maker in this state, no one wants to look at a clear cut swath of pristine natural forest and an above ground 36" pipeline running through it, not to mention the noise from the blow downs of the compressor stations along it's path.

The happy scamp said...

Tourists are not spending their bucks visiting this run down backward welfare town that time forgot. It's the 21st century...put your horse and buggy away and all that nature crap. A tree, a bird, a cow...I guess it's exciting if you're brain dead. It is so conceited and self righteous to believe that the only way someone could disagree with your sacred opinion is to be paid to do so. Progress was stopped and instead of Dunkin Donuts we have an empty lot; instead of the dreaded dollar store, which would have destroyed the Downtown Eyesore district we have a crumbling eyesore. Hey, just got my tax bill and it went down a bit. Woo-ha!
Progress is bringing energy to the people who need it. Progress is roads, bridges, Internet, commerce - not bicycles and hiking and climbing into a Norman Rockwell fantasy past.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know there is a public hearing to tear down 71 Main St on Monday the 14th according to the towns web site.

Sharra's folly said...

Where did you see this on the town website? Isn't that Margaret Sharra's white elephant, the yellow house that was the topic of controversy with the Historical Society? Isn't that the one she wanted to tear down before so we could have another dollar store around the corner from the one we have now? Didn't she get told then that she could not destroy that house? Guess she doesn't learn or maybe she's just set in her ways of always getting her way and will stop at nothing to be sure she does. maybe she's already made some kinda deal and that Lexus she's boating around town was a payment? Wouldn't put it past her to be trying to pull another fast one.

Anonymous said...

It was listed on the Historic District Commissions agenda.

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does! What the hell-she needs to be stopped.