Friday, February 12, 2016

Help Granite Staters Advance Community Rights!

Take action to support New Hampshire’s drive for a Community Rights State Constitutional Amendment!
The Community Rights Amendment is scheduled to be heard by the House Legislative Administration Committee next week. The committee takes into consideration popular support. Learn what you can do below.
Last year, CELDF partnered with the New Hampshire Community Rights Network to draft the New Hampshire Community Rights Amendment CACR 14. It would add Article 40, Right of Local Community Self-Government, to the Bill of Rights of the New Hampshire Constitution, and would empower people and their local governments with the authority to enact local laws that protect and expand the rights of real people, communities and nature at the municipal level.
The Network gained co-sponsorship from several legislators, and the measure has been introduced into the state legislature for consideration. The House Legislative Administration Committee is scheduled to hear the amendment on Thursday, February 18th in Concord.
Help Granite Staters advance Community Rights - go to and sign the petition, which will be submitted to the House Legislative Administration Committee. Learn more about the amendment here.

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