Friday, February 5, 2016

Regional Meeting in Winchester Feb 13th

You’re invited to attend an important pipeline informational meeting on Saturday, February 13th from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM at Winchester Town Hall.

We will have home baked goodies available, so BYOC (bring your own coffee) and enjoy! (If you would like to contribute goodies, please contact Sue Durling by email, phone or Facebook.)

Some topics we’ll discuss:
·         - Positions of candidates for Winchester Select Board.
·         - Winchester has 3 alternative sites for the Northfield compressor station, all very close to Pulpit Falls.
·         - Supporting our friends in Northfield, MA in their fight to stop NED and a compressor station.
·         - This station, whether built in Northfield or Winchester, will impact public health and air quality for the entire region.
·         - The plan to try and locate an industrial gas plant on the former Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant site.
·         - Hinsdale becoming an alternate site for this gas plant. This gas plant is will negatively impact air quality across our region.

Our organizers have been working closely in Monadnock Region communities for more than a year as we unite towns along the proposed Kinder Morgan Northeast Direct (NED) pipeline route. Pipeline opposition groups are in every town along the route in Southern NH, with additional concerned towns like Peterborough and Temple choosing to become participants in the process of opposing the project to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

NH electricity utility ratepayers would be forced to pay for a pipeline our state does not want, is in high excess of our needs that are only during extreme winter weather events, is largely for export, and goes against New Hampshire’s own Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and President Obama’s Climate Power Plan.

We encourage you to attend this important meeting. Come learn about the NH Municipal Pipeline Coalition, comprised of town officials from many of the impacted towns. The pipeline company is moving quickly to push this project forward as prices for fossil fuel energy have been plummeting and renewable energy and green jobs are soaring. Our goal is for informed decisions to be made and with the collaboration of all affected towns.

Our concerns extend to the use of pristine wild lands, conservation land, surface and ground water, wetlands, farms, a state park, our aquifers and the taking of our land by eminent domain. To start learning more now, visit Please share this flyer and invite your friends and neighbors to join us on February 13th.

With best wishes for a rural and healthy New Hampshire lifestyle,

Sue Durling

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Let's get out there, folks said...

Thanks to Sue, Stephanie and the others who made today's presentation so informative, empowering and understandable. Thanks also to the three elected officials (why none from Winchester??) who came to speak to us about what's going on in Concord and how we the people can help their efforts.
Time for us to start making more of an effort to protect our land, health, kids, future.