Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Official Town Ballot 2016

.. and the spending continues again this year 


Anonymous said...

To find something out on the selectmen running for office I took a look at facebook. I see a guy like Raymond Williams is a big racetrack fan. Don't we have enough trouble with the racetrack noise, dust, smell without electing another racetrack supporter. The racetracks are to intrusive into our neighborhoods, our weekends without electing more supporters. Sepe was bad enough. Dump Herbert "Chan Stephens racetracks' mouth piece and supporter should go.

Anonymous said...

We can turn this town around this election day by breaking the strangle-hold the clique has on our town's future growth, high taxes and planning board rules that blocks outside investment and clean growth (not dirt, racetracks, junkyard) in this town. This year will be the best chance in years we have to stop the clique that's dictating polices that hurt the citizens while favors the clique. Where in the universe is 35 or so people allowed to control voters opinion and dictate policy over the 5000 residents of a small town like Winchester? These people rewrite warrant articles at deliberative even when there are in the best interest of the town.

Now Sepe is gone and it is time to replace Chan the man Stephens who is an obstructionist who changed his vote at the last minute to block the our rights to elect "not appoint" a replacement for retiring Selectmen Ken Berthiaume. This is unheard of! Stephens vote blocked Ken’s retiring for one week that made it to late to be placed him his open chair on the ballot. Only way Stephens was elected he ran 4 or 5 time for office. It is time to give Jack Marsh the help he needs stop the clique in it’s tracks.

My vote to help Jack Marsh is Robert Levstek and Ben Kilanski for selectmen. I met and know these people they are first rate, I find them as being honest and straight forward in helping us retake our town. If there was ever a chance for you to get off from setting on your hands and vote!

Anonymous said...

Seems as though candidate McGrath has been driving all over town whiting out the "Re-" on his campaign signs.
If he doesn't know if he's being elected or re-elected, why would I vote for him?

Anonymous said...

Mr. McGrath has made a big mistake in his mailing. He talks a lot but he is misinformed on many issues. He is asking voters not to approve $15,000 for Winchester's part for legal representation in the 17 town coalition, related to the pipeline. It is not ANTI pipeline, it is for legal defense for our towns related to ANY pipeline issues. I guess he has not read the countless reports of pipeline explosions or any of the multiple LEGAL issues towns and property owners across this country have had related to Kinder Morgan lines before and AFTER they were put in. Does Winchester have the $$$ to fight them??? Hell no. I guess he has forgotten the town voters voted in three warrant articles to OPPOSE the pipeline and that the Select Board he wants to be on and the Conservation Commission voted to oppose the pipeline to support the voters. There are VERY few people for the pipeline and most are misinformed property owners on the proposed route who thought they were going to make money. WRONG. Also,the town and very few property owners could afford to tap in should Liberty Utilities try and get a feeder line to Winchester. Mr. McGrath, Liberty is the gas company that has twice recently come close to potentially blowing up Keene!!!! And who is the parent company of Liberty Utilities Mr. McGrath? Tennessee Gas who wants to put the pipeline through 17 towns in NH. Mr. McGrath for someone who has been here so long and talks so much about the issues, you are VERY misinformed. $15,000 is a small amount compared to what many other towns are funding and happy to do it to protect their town. Before you sent out your mailer you should have done your homework. We don't need another good old boy on the BOS.

VOTE said...

Well, we once again get the HOW TO VOTE mailer from the town hall. This is produced with our money on our time and if you are to stupid to understand what they would like, you can call the town hall and they will tell you. Be very careful who you vote for, this year is a good chance for change.

Anonymous said...

And the planning board articles.................. once again they have refused to explain the articles. No explanation of the intent or meaning of any of them. Good job Margaret. Are they all related to personal issues????? When will this board realize that people are not stupid and most, like me, will continue to vote NO on all of them until they are explained to the voters!!!!!!!