Friday, February 19, 2016

Meet the Candidates Night on Monday Night February 29th at the WINchester School.

There is a Meet the Candidates Night on Monday Night February 29th at the WINchester School. From 5:30-6 is a voter registration and then 6-8 there will be a question and answer session with candidates on the town and school ballot. 


Appreciative Citizen said...

I appreciate that many of the candidates for office(s) took time to come to the meeting and explain their positions on various issues facing the town; write-in candidates appeared as well. Thanks to all and to the organizers and moderator for their efforts.
To the candidates for Select Board who did NOT show up (and I do realize that there may be extenuating circumstances and things do come up unexpectedly) - Brandon Day, Tory Frazier and Chan Stephens - it would be helpful to know where you stand in relation to these issues as well. You could post on the Informer (there's a discussion for that purpose), or write something out and post it on the board in Town Hall and the Post Office.
Unlike many, I don't vote on name recognition alone; I want to know that the person I'm voting for has my interests, and the best interest of the town, at heart. This is an election, not a popularity contest, folks. If you want my vote, tell me why you deserve it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

There are NO extenuating circumstances. This is a job interview. If you don't show up, you don't get the job.

Want my voice heard said...

I agree, however, an accident or last minute illness can happen to anyone. Still, a phone call, text or email to the organizers/moderator to explain an absence would have covered that, and most employers would be understanding of such a situation. Based on a conversation with the moderator, no calls/texts/emails to explain an absence were received.
Mr. McGrath didn't let us know where he stands either. The Trump-like "don't support, don't oppose but see both sides" rhetoric is garbage. Even if he flip-flops on the issue himself, he did NOT make it clear that he would abide by the wishes of the voters, who have ALREADY voted on three warrant articles to oppose the pipeline. If McGrath's not going to listen to the voice of the people, perhaps the people shouldn't elect him. It's bad enough that our other elected officials - both in Concord and Washington - don't listen to us. We need - and deserve - to have responsive government in our hometown.

Anonymous said...

McGrath is a wishy-washy suit wearing flip-flopper. Don't waste your vote!