Monday, June 6, 2011

Cronyism in Local Politics

From the Opinions page of the Sentinel ..

I was recently informed that a person who is employed by the town of Winchester and heads the planning department, owns a house and piece of land next to the VFW.

She is campaigning the town to allow her to sell it to the Dollar General store chain, so that that may build another dollar store in town.

Mind you that this property sits right in the heart of our historic district and that we already have one dollar store, a flea market, many junk stores.

I’m asking fellow residents to comment on their thoughts of this backroom deal that will alter the face of our town for good.

Contact your selectmen and voice your opinion, let them know your future vote will depend on their actions.

But beware, for I am told this is a done deal, that the select board are turning their heads and pushing this through, without any concern of our towns image, the historical society’s input, traffic and safety hazards, are all being ignored.

I ask you, if this property was not owned by the head of the planning department, would anyone else even be considered?

Typical Winchester politics!




irene said...

Please write letters to the Historical District Commission,and the ZBA and deliver them to the town hall before Thursday. Tell them, without any insults, insinuations or accusations, how you feel about the replacement of this historic house by a dollar store. Attend the Thursday hearing at 7 pm, town hall. Its NOT a done deal and we CAN make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Wasted breadth, Sharra, Sherm and Mike Hammond have already stacked the deck. They have removed Kim as the PB rep, won't let Julia have a vote, appointed Becky Beaman and John Pasquarelli to the ZBA and of course the other Beaman sits as the PB chair. Talk about Cronyism at it's best

Anonymous said...

BOO HOO. When you show up with your letters, show up with your checkbook and buy the piece of crap house and have a ball... or better yet shut up and tend to your own historic double wide,.


Anonymous said...

Ramblings from another village idiot.
Go away Sue, or Billy Bob or whatever your real name may be, stop making a fool of yourself.

flashbacks ! said...

With the old westport rd bridge open, I cant help but wonder how much comp time we are going to owe Mr. Gomarlo, remember the tannery property?

Anonymous said...

Raft is placed at town beach or Dale Gray enjoyed a day of fishing at Forst Lake. Dale Gray and the town hwy dept it seems placed the raft in the water at the town beach. Gray and Corliss after, took the rest of the day catching their limit of trout on the tax payers dime while the rest of the crew sat by and watched...

WE report you decide!

Anonymous said...

It sure would be nice if Winchester could put principles before personalities and clean up this town but it would take a person with principles and GUTS to stand up and say enough is enough. It is just plain criminal what goes on in this town and what officials allow to happen......over and over and over. It is disgusting. If you have principles and brains you are run out of town or removed from office. I for one can't wait for the market to recover so I can sell my house and get out of this town that is if I don't lose it first with the sky high taxes.

country club said...

The fish story is amazing but not surprising.

Anonymous said...

Fish stories are just that.

WI, how come you are not posting the decision on Mary Ryan's appeal being dismissed? I would like to read it to see if it is true that the appeal was dismissed because she filed too late. Is this true?

JR from Westport Village

the Winchester Informer said...

First off JR, you are asking in the wrong blog, your request has nothing to do with the subject being commented on. Secondly, we do not have a copy of the court's decision, none was provided to us to post or comment on. Lastly, if you are so concerned about the decision, contact Mary Ryan or the Cheshire Superior Court to get a copy of the decision to read.

Maybe Its Time said...

Maybe its time for a Public Works Department headed by someone with a good work ethic. Maybe its time to pass around another warrant article so the road agent has to run for his job. Maybe its time to put the department heads on a salary.

Interesting said...

Just finished reading the Reader Opinion in today's Sentinel, Titled, Who's on which side? Talk about Cronyism.