Monday, June 6, 2011

Historic District Commission Agenda 6-9-11

Town of Winchester
Historic District Commission
Notice of Meeting
June 9, 2011

The Winchester Historic District Commission will be meeting on 6-9-11 at 7 PM on the main floor or the Town Hall, 1 Richmond Road for the following:

1. Call meeting to order.

2. Review minutes of 5/23 meeting.

3. Review application of the United Church of Winchester - 99 Main Street

4. Public Hearing of General Dollar Store - 71 Main Street

5. Old or new business.

6. Adjourn.


what a joke said...

Seems they couldn't decide what to do and several members didn't even show up, so the hearing was postponed. Can we say "illegal meeting". One can only wonder who's orchestrating this mess. Wanna bet Sharra has her hands deep into this pile of doo doo?

postponed until Tuesday night next week.

Anonymous said...

They did act responsibly. The meeting was cancelled initially due to no power and when it was discovered that they had to follow procedure they did so. This was not a pile of doo doo and more people will be heard on Tuesday. Half of the town was cleaning up or without power. Everyone wanted to have a well represented meeting where all who wanted to speak would be heard and no one could say not everyone was heard because they thought the meeting was cancelled or that there was not enough people ( from either point of view)

Anonymous said...

Explain how certain members got a call that the meeting was cancelled but others did not. Also when I got there the was power on, so they kind of jumped the gun didn't they. Without a full quorum they can not hold a meeting or take a vote. Seems whoever is in charge isn't sure how to do things.