Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wrong Spot For a Store

I would just like to say that I have lived in Winchester for many years.

I moved here to get away from the city life; I fell in love with the quaint main street and country feel of this small town. But now they want to put a dollar store in the center of town and that would be a shame.
I thought we had a historic district to preserve our beauty and character.
What is going on in our town hall and how can this happen?




Anonymous said...

Greed, indifference and bold face lies, that's how. People need to show up Tuesday night and make sure she doesn't get away with this crap. Send a message that we won't be lied to nor will we put up with the underhanded shenanigans of our elected and appointed officials.

PupSter said...

The better part of the selectman/people and in it for thenselves, not the greater good of the town and it's future. They are very short sighted and looking to make money and power for themselves.

Anonymous said...

We need businesses that will bring many jobs to our town and employ many people, not a silly chain store that will do nothing to help the look or the economy of our town. Do we really want to make Main street look like a strip mall? It is time we send a message to these few in power that we will no longer stand for backdoor deals and a certain group getting rich off of our town, they too need to follow the rules and stop using their positions to profit at the expense of everyone else. Margaret Sharra and her backers on the BOS need to step down and if wrong doings can be proved, prosecuted so these acts do not continue.

in the real world said...

Stopped in at the dollar store in Brattleboro today. One of the employees told me that unless they are waiting on a customer they have to keep moving and stay busy or they will be terminated. If they do come to town maybe there management team could give a work ethic seminar to our town employees.