Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shady Dealings On Store

Letter to the editor in Saturday's paper;

This is directed to the selectmen of Winchester and the head of the planning board, who is trying to play a shell game on the town and its residents, by trying to put a Dollar General store downtown, in out protected historic district.
Any selectman who allows this should be removed from office and the head of the planning board should step down immediately for trying such an underhanded tactic. It is immoral and unethical and is exactly why Winchester is laughed at by the entire state.

Main St.


Anonymous said...

right on target !

Anonymous said...

This stuff has been going on for so long in this town with the same group behind all this stuff. Why do people with any intelligence continue to elect these clowns? Enough is enough, they all need to go.

PupSter said...

Yes, and it's not real surprise to anyone that don't have their head in the sand... Replacing the selectmen/people is the only way this will ever improve.

seen it all before said...

Winchester is the laughing stock of the area because no matter what these unethical, corrupt, liars do, time and time again people go to the poles and cast their votes for them over and over again. Same people, same results. Whine all you want, nothing is going to change until you vote these people down the road and someone steps up and brings charges against them.

Anonymous said...

you keep talking about voting the selectman out, Great but who are we going to vote for? Mike T John P Bob D ? I dont think so. maybe someday some quality candidates will run. but for now this is what we have.

Mentally Handicapped... said...

The intelligent individuals that you would like to see fill their shoes simply refuse to run for office.

If I need to explain why - you are one of the individuals that give our town the reputation it has.

thinks your wrong on all counts said...

To anonymous at 7:58 am.
What do you have against Bob Davis and Mike Towne?
Do you know them personally, know their qualifications or any particular reasons why these individuals would not make good selectmen?
As I recall both of these men have been fighting against just this type of conduct for several years now and if I also remember correctly both have been part of lawsuits attempting to force the town to do things right. Is that not the type of good individuals we should be voting for? Would seem to me that this is exactly the type of people we would want in office, people who follow the rules and who won't stand by while others don't and are willing to put their reputations on the line for the good of the town.

Richard said...

Who should we vote in? Better people that are not in it just for themselves, their friends and families. I hope decent people will step forward to fill the Select-board with the right people.
It's so bad, watching them fill their personal cars and family vehicles on the towns cards, watching the Winchester FD fill up pools for people on Parker str, so they don't have to pay for the water and so on. We are the laughing stock of other NH towns and pay stupid high taxes for what? So they can destroy the long term health of the town? Make us a slum of section 8 renters leaving trash all over? Keeping selective enforcement of town laws & rules?

Bob Davis said...

anonymous 7:58 You are entitled to your opinion. It seems by your post as being a Skeptical Person. Doubtful, tending not to believe or accept things but to question them. Your also among the part of the majority of registered voter in this town that sat home on their thumbs election day who refuses to open their minds to get educated about what and how your elected officials are screwing each and everyone of you. Yet, you question who can we get to run for office. Sorry Mike Towne & Bob Davis are not up to your miserable standards because you question their motives or heard they‘re out for themselves. Let me tell you “Jack” you couldn’t carry Mike Towne’s lunch. Go ahead and find your next Teresa Sepe or Sherman Tedford. or Gus Ruth you all like getting screwed by the elected officials.

In 2010 if we had an honest election instead of a cover-up where the town dog office or others were seen tearing down Mike Towne's and Bob Davis' political sign on private property, or the state’s attorney general office refusing to investigate Your Honorable Henry Parkhurst 2010 fraudulently questionable town election where he was acting town moderator. The majority Winchester voters do not deserve us.

Suit yourself continue to pay high taxes, just remember "your getting the shaft while your elected officals get the gold mine"!.

the Winchester Informer said...

The WFD will fill anyone's pool for a donation, Richard. What the minimum donation amount is is anyone's guess. They consider doing this a training exercise.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Barry Kellom will take the new $230,000 fire truck all the way to Vernon VT again to fill his late brothers wife's swimming pool and call it training. Maybe Kellom will take the new fire truck out of service to fill all the campers at the motocross track and pay the town $7.00 for the water.

Maybe we can find out what kind of a kick back for this "unneeded, over priced" fire truck a certain town manager allegedly received for buying this waste of tax dollar.

Thanks to Bob Davis who took the time to uncover this town manager and his thief of tax payer dollars.

Lesson from Winchester said...

To my fellow readers of this blog.

Reading some your responses is both very entertaining and points eloquently to why we are where we are.

To those that post the message and would settle for: Let’s keep trying to play with the same old deck and hope for different and better results…….

You Should Remember ………Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results..........