Monday, June 6, 2011

Planning Board Notice of Meeting 6-6-11

Town of Winchester
Planning Board
Notice of Meeting

The Winchester Planning Board will be meeting on 6-06-11 at 7pm on the Main Floor of the Town Hall, 1 Richmond Road for the following:

1. The board will review the minutes of 5-16-11 for approval.

2. The board will review the update on the building of the asphalt plant.

3. The board will discuss upcoming projects.

4. Any old or new business.

5. Adjournment.


The word is said...

The plant will be up and running by the end of June.

the Winchester Informer said...

It most certainly will not. Don't know where you get your information; but DES still has not made any decision yet on the air permit Mitchell applied for they extended the public comment period for another two weeks after the hearing so people could send in comments.
It will take 30 days from then for a decision and when they do, an appeal can be filed within 10 days of that decision so you're talking somewhere around the first week in July for an appeal if one is needed. How long the appeal process will take is not known.

Mitchell has yet to comply with the 23 conditions set by the planning board or even have a compliance hearing yet and I can guarantee you a lawsuit will be filed when the board does, putting a stay on all activities until a hearing in Superior Court.

Get your facts straight and stop spouting nonsense, this fight is far from being over.

The word is said...

Just telling you what was announced by the planning board. Mitchell has two lawyers, so I wouldn't bank on winning.
The word is that they refuse to let the planning board inspect it and only Leroy is allowed out there. What's up with that? Is he a asphalt plant expert?

someone who knows said...

You mean Dean Beaman, not the Planning Board and who cares how many lawyers he has the law is the law and he hasn't met his conditions nor gotten approval from the State. As the Informer has said above, he also has not met the requirements of the town's regulations and there has been questionable conduct on both the Zoning Board and Planning Board to merit a lawsuit. Couple all of that with the latest shenanigans of Sharra and Beaman and Ruth in their attempts to remove someone wise to their baloney, who by the way was cleared by the BOS ( all but Ruth ) last night and I think there is plenty we all need to consider that has gone on regarding this plant. I am sure a court of law will see through all of the smokescreens and BS dealt out by these people and find there has been many discrepancies in their conduct and will find accordingly.

Anonymous said...

How does a Swanzey Selectman get to operate a pug mill making cold mix asphalt illegally on property believed to be owned by Linwood Patnode, out behind the Mitchell Gravel Pit without anyone saying anything about it? Is this not in the protected aquifer area? Why is this illegal polluting of our acquifer allowed to continue? And this selectman showed up at a hearing complaining about what an asphalt plant would do to the area. What a hypocrite. Winchester Informer, this is a real story to look into.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be an issue for the town of Swanzey to look into and not the Informer. Why don't you go ask the Swanzey BOS your questions Sue?

can't you read? said...

Hey Sue can you read? This blog is about Winchester, not Swanzey. Go take your complaints to them.

Anonymous said...

Because this is a regional impact illegal asphalt operation that is ongoing over the aquifer all the tree huggers are yelling about? Where is the justice? Why do we complain about a permitted facility, yet an illegal operation is being conducted just over the line apparently. I did not know this was in Swanzey or Winchester. Does this matter? It affects us all.


Anonymous said...

June 12, 2011 12:00 PM

If you are correct with your statement then why has there been so much talk about Mary Ryan and westport?

Anonymous said...

What makes it okay for this guy from Massachusetts to come here and put in an asphalt plant but not okay for someone local to do the same thing? What's the difference between them? Are they both not on the aquifer? Are they both not of regional impact and don't they both affect us all? Kinda picky who you want exposed here Sue, tell me what the difference is?

Anonymous said...

Difference is that the ongoing illegal operation is unregulated and is really dirty. I don't know any more than that. I just know it is not good. There is a big difference between the type of material being produced illegally and that which is made in a regulated asphalt plant facility. Essentially the illegal operation they dump it on the ground and mix it up. The asphalt plant mixes in a contained facility. That is the best I can do to explain it.