Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dollar Store Hearings Delayed Again

The decision concerning the controversy over the construction of a new "Dollar Store" in Winchester has been delayed by 23 days, to July 11th.

The first hour of a public hearing, which started at 7:30 Tuesday evening, was largely devoted to negotiations between the town's HDC board and the lawyer representing the applicant regarding the qualifications of the consultants the commission wanted to review the application.

About 35 people waited patiently through the discussion. When the public was invited to speak, a steady stream of speakers spoke in defense of the town's historic character and master plan.

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What A Crock said...

Read the article in today's Sentinel about the dollar store. I believe for the most part that if you own it you can do pretty much what you want to with it. I don't care if its a dollar store or a pig farm. We do have laws that need to be considered, whether we like them or not and in this case the owners said they wanted a bed and breakfast and now cant afford it. WHAT A CROCK, when this family first bought the property they told everyone that the plan was for condos, think it was elderly, on this land, guess they forgot that part. If the vote goes for a dollar store the Co. that owns Mr. Mikes will be informed. They wanted to take down the house next door, change the entrance and exit, and put in a car wash. It will be tough to tell them NO its zoned historical.

Smell the Coffee said...

Margaret had to know that bringing a "Dollar Store" to Main Street and in the Historic District was going to force another lawsuit on the town. Is she really that arrogant? Does she thrive off the power? Does she salavate on the very idea of "lawsuits"?

When are people going to wake up and see just how much in legal services she has cost the town? We already know that the Board of Selectman love her! They won't do anything about it. And we know that Bart Mayer most LOVE her, because she is filling his pockets with her ignorance and greed!

Crock--2 said...

I agree with What A Crock. I don't remember seeing this property on the market in the last two years. I'm betting that the wetlands issue would have been tough to overcome,plus the bad economy was what prompted the decision to sell. Its also nice to be the go-to person in town when someone is looking for property.

Anonymous said...

Never seen or heard of such a rude public performance as the lawyer for the developer and the "owners'. I would have denied them on that crass, insulting performance alone. Way I hear it the only defender was a Beaman from out of state......... another Beaman/Margaret deal? Enough is enough. Why is it allowed????

Anonymous said...

Remember if you are Maggie you have "friends". Although I do believe that this time she will need a fire extinguisher to put out the flames from the lies.

How about your resign now Maggie and save us some money?

Richard said...

I think they delay this over and over because people show up to express their dislike for it. I'd bet dollars to donuts they put it off so less people show up.